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Milo injured his back when he slipped in a tunnel during an agility competition in February. We initially thought he was okay, as he showed no real signs of pain or injury. However, over the next few weeks his performance started to drop; he started knocking bars and losing confidence.

I consulted two specialist vets and a canine physiotherapist. Consultations and x-rays confirmed a soft-tissue injury in both his mid and lower back, that required immediate rest (for at least 8 weeks), together with a course of anti-inflammatory medicine and intense physiotherapy. The initial therapy sessions focused on relieving severe muscle spasms, and then became more focussed as his muscles released.

During this time I used my Photizo Vetcare unit daily, focussing on the areas that the medical team had found he needed the most. At every subsequent session the physio mentioned at how the previous problem area had improved significantly, and that we could now focus on a new muscle group.

Milo was eventually cleared by his vets and physio in mid-May that we could start training again, which was not a lot of time to get Milo ready for our biggest competition: the 2018 South African Agility Championships. Luckily Milo knows his job pretty well, so I was able to keep his workload very minimal leading up to the event. I continued to Photizo the problem areas daily during this time. Fast forward to 9th June – and Milo was crowned the 2018 South African Agility Champion. I have no doubt that my Photizo was an integral part of his remarkable recovery.

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