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As a practicing counselling psychologist, Dr. Matrié van Niekerk spends many hours sitting in a chair consulting with clients/patients and writing up reports and conducting research on the computer. She has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 15 years and sometimes experiences severe muscle spasms, specifically in her shoulders and back.

Her work, she says, aggravates the intensity of muscle spasm and causes acute pain. “I still fulfill my duties as necessary, but I am often aware of the inconvenience caused by the pain in my shoulders, joints, and back. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being ‘almost unbearable’, I would say my pain levels vary between 3 and 8.”

Her treatment regime typically included medication, exercise, and 2-4 km walks three times a week. This is a practice she continues to date as she firmly believes one has to follow a holistic approach in pain management, for example, medical assessment and treatment, and psychotherapy focusing on pain management on a psychological level. She introduced the Photizo Pain Relief unit into this treatment regime two years ago on an irregular basis. “But recently I realised that when I use it on regular basis, the pain intensity is much lower, even absent,” she says.

She says that when using the Photizo Pain Relief unit she experiences almost immediate relief from the pain and this can endure for up to two days after the treatment. “My pain levels after using the unit are a very low 1 or 2. My advice to anybody suffering from arthritic and especially muscular spasm-related pain is not to wait until the pain levels are high. It is better to act proactively. Use the Photizo Pain Relief unit on a daily basis, especially in bodily areas where there are often high levels of pain.

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