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Anja was diagnosed with hip dysplasia (HD) when she was 3 years old. She went to the vet and, a year later, to a specialist vet when it seemed like she was having more difficulty with her movement. He said that Anja is like a person with arthritis. When she gets up she is very sore and stiff, but after she has walked a few steps, she gets better. He said there is no need right now to keep her on medication or look at any operations. The pain is not there all the time, only when she gets up from a down position and initially when she starts walking, and only at night.

She gets a joint supplement and is on veterinary joint food, which definitely makes a difference. Anja is mostly sore in the evenings and is usually more sore after she’s been running around a lot, like after we’ve been to a park. In the winter she was worse.

I started using the Photizo on Anja every day. I treated her on both her left and right sides, from the spine down on each side. I treated her hindquarters. After about a week I could see a difference. She could get up quicker and more easily. She was also limping less and loosened up quicker when she started walking after she got up.

I did get a bit lazy and after about 2 weeks of treatment, I stopped for a bit. I could then see her getting sorer again – getting up slower. That also showed me that the Photizo definitely made a difference. I then started treating her again.

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