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Riana Wiechers, Cape Town

Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerating disc in my lumbar spine, the result of an old injury. Yoga helped a lot to strengthen my back muscles and combat pain, but I still experienced some back pain and discomfort from time to time. I have been using the Photizo Pain Relief device on this area for less than a week now, and after a few days of use, have not had any lower back pain. It almost feels too good to be true, but indeed, this has been my experience. I will recommend Photizo to anyone needing relief from chronic pain.

PAIN RELIEF has a color, RED!

Choose to be healthy, pain-free and better! Today I want to praise Photizo for changing my life, to be pain-free, healthy & being better to live life to the fullest!

My story:

I had a few ailments, one, a very bad knee, very painful and filled with inflammation. After an appointment and one treatment at my local Physiotherapist, seeing such great results, I decided to invest in my own ‘physio’ at home, the Photizo Pain Relief home device.

Riaan from Photizo gave me a call and gave me some good advice and info regarding the Photizo, which helped a lot and after a few e-mails with more info on ‘how to use’ instructions etc. I ordered the Pain Relief.

Service was excellent and delivery was fast!

After using the Photizo Pain Relief every day for 4 days continuously, I could feel the extraordinary difference and relief. Each day I had more use of my knee again. Like they say ‘the proof is in the pudding'(red/infrared light therapy).

I use my Pain Relief for anti-aging benefits too, wrinkles etc and I can see a huge difference! It’s my treat every day to be pampered and having benefits at home.

Thnx Riaan & Photizo for your kindness, friendly assistance, helping me to be better and healthy and happy again.


Zelda Becker

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained a quite severe concussion as well as back and neck muscle injuries. I’ve treated all my injuries with the Photizo with amazing results. My headaches, back and neck pain quickly and greatly improved with treatment, and I was surprised to notice that the bruisings that I’ve also treated disappeared within a few days.

The Photizo is my “go- to” treatment for all kinds of aches and pains, like sinusitis, toothache, and even occasional nausea!

Thank you for a great product!

Tina Brink

My dog had puppies, and she developed mastitis with abscesses, and could not feed all her pups. I’m using a Photizo at home for my family, and decided, if it works so well for all ailments, it will also help my dog. I’ve treated her twice daily for 3 days, and although the condition cleared by the third day, I’ve proceeded to treat her once daily for the next 2 days. It was amazing. I did not even have to take my dog to the vet.

I’m using the Photizo on my arthritic knee, and it definitely helps for the pain. My 2 sons also use the Photizo for pimples, and their skin looks great.

Ria & Gerrit Cloete

I’ve started using the Photizo 3 months ago after I received it as a gift from my daughter. I’m suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, and my hands are deformed with my fingers stiff and painful, to such an extent that I could not close my hands. After a few Photizo treatments, I could bend my fingers again and can use my hands without pain.

My husband suffered from imbalance and ringing in his ear and after a few treatments, the ringing and balance problems were gone. His one hand’s fingers could not bend because it had a trigger action, and the Photizo also helped. The fingers are functioning just fine now. In 2003 my husband also had a knee replacement, and in the near past, he suffered from pain on the side of his knee. He also treated the knee with the Photizo and the pain is gone.

I want to express my deepest appreciation and thanks for this wonderful Photizo.


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Dat Brits

My son was injured in an accident shortly before his wedding. He sustained several injuries and lacerations to his face, which include eyes which were swollen shut, most of his face was blue, his cheekbone was severely bruised and swollen, and he had a nasty gash on the back of his head. This happened 5 days before his wedding, which you can imagine was quite traumatic. This prompted us to try treating him with the Photizo device, as we were desperate. We could see a marked difference within three days of applying the Photizo. The Friday before his wedding day, he exhibited no more scars or swelling in his face. On the third day of treatment his stitches were removed which had been placed in the gash in his head. He also had a wound inside his mouth which healed completely before the wedding. My wife also has arthritis in her left hand, which we also started treating with Photizo and we saw a marked improvement within the first couple of days. This machine truly is a Godsend to our family.

Chronic pain due to arthritis

This is just a little note to compliment you on an excellent product. My wife suffers from chronic pain due to arthritis of her thumb CMC joints. This has left her feeling depressed as there are times when she cannot even use her hands due to the excruciating pain.

Since the first day, we purchased and used this product she has much-improved mobility and can now do her routine tasks certainly more comfortably. Photizo truly lives up to its expectations and we would like to thank you for introducing us to the product. We will spread the word and trust that this device will help others the way it is helping us.

Larette Roesch Massage Therapist

I am a Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology therapist and am currently using the Photizo® in my practice. The results of the Photizo® treatments I’m experiencing are amazingly effective and fast. Photizo® enables me to obtain superior results not previously possible.

Some of the results that the Photizo® enabled me to obtain in my patients are as follows:


  • 2 sessions of treating an infected burn wound (gas burner), the infection cleared, and the wound is progressing fast, towards total healing
  • 1 session of treating stomach pain, caused by stress, the pain was gone
    1 session of treating a blocked sinus problem, the patient experienced relief
  • 3 sessions treating the pain of arthritic fingers, the patient felt better and she was able to move her fingers without pain
  • 1 session of treating gout in a patient’s knee, the swelling subsided, and it was less painful. – 1 session of treating a small burn on a finger (caused by a hot plate) it healed within 24hours
  • 1 session of treating a small child’s headache the pain disappeared
  • 1 session of treating a patient’s injured shoulder, the shoulder improved dramatically

Kotie Nel Physiotherapist

I’ve been using the Photizo light for the past 8 years, with great results, personally and professionally. We used it on patients after they had an operation. Their pain was considerably less and their wounds healed faster than with patients that didn’t use it. Recently my cat had an abscess in the face and within a day the light made the abscess drain, and healed it within 5 days to a dry scab. I would recommend the Photizo light to anyone.

Joan Williams

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that I invested in the Photizo Pain Relief Home Care machine. I had an arthrodesis of the left ankle many years ago. Initially, I experienced no pain but as I became older, I had constant inflammation and swelling which caused great discomfort.

Since using the Photizo Pain Relief Home Care machine regularly I am happy to advise you that I am “pain-free”.

Thank you!

Jaco Taute (Lions rugby player)

I injured my ankle in the first 20 minutes of the game. I felt slight pain while running especially straight after I sustained the injury.

Ankle injury:

  • Grade 2 deltoid ligament tear
  • Grade 1 anterior fibular ligament tear

Sustained 2012/02/13

Re-entry into contact sport 2012/02/25.

During half time our team physio re -strapped my ankle and I was able to finish the game. I started applying ice directly after the game to try and stop swelling but the next morning my ankle was severely swollen. Our team physio treated my ankle and I received platelet injections straight into my deltoid ligament.

That same afternoon I started to treat my ankle with the Photizo® Sport light therapy. It was very easy and portable so I could do it any time in the comfort of my own home. In conjunction with the hyperbaric chamber and icing, I aimed to use the Photizo Sport light therapy every two hours. The swelling went down within one day and I was able to start running at full speed on the 20 February 2012.

In total, I went for 10 hyperbaric chamber sessions and used the Photizo® Sport light therapy approximately 40 times before our game on the 25 February against the Toyota Cheetahs.

The Photizo is a wonderful product, it is extremely easy to use, is portable and works very well if combined with other forms of treatment. Thank you for getting me back on the playing field in no time!

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