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Condition Presented:

The patient presented with recurring prolapsed Nictitating Membrane glands of both eyes. The patient had undergone corrective surgery twice, to both eyes, without success. The glands kept on prolapsing 3 to 4 days post-operatively. The owner at the time of presentation was using Tacrolimus and sometimes Maxitrol eye drops, but the condition remained and due to the severity of the condition, the glands were becoming inflamed and ulcerative.

Duration Of Photizo Treatment:

Phototherapy was done, with the use of a glass rod connector, for 5 minutes, once a day (using the Tissue Trauma protocol), for a week and thereafter once every second day. After a week of phototherapy, the prolapsed glands were less inflamed, congested and ulcerative, turning into a lighter shade of pink. The patient was started on Maxitrol eye drops, during the second week, prior to surgery. Corrective surgery was performed 2 weeks after the start of phototherapy. By now the “Cherry Eyes” were much smaller and not ulcerative at all and could more easily be repositioned.

Treatment Performed:

Treatment and case study was done by Vetlight in Pretoria.

Condition After Photizo:

The condition has not recurred to date. The owners are thrilled.

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