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Condition Presented:

Diamond, a Boerperd stallion, presented with a chronic non-healing wound on his left front limb. He had sustained the injury, proximal to his coronary band, 22 days earlier on a barb wire fence and had been treated appropriately. The owners, however, struggled with bandage applications, maggot infestation in the wound, and the necrotic area kept on extending with no healing.

Duration Of Photizo Treatment:

Phototherapy was done once a day using the 21 days + protocol, every second or third day.

Treatment Performed:

Treatment and case study was one by Vetlight in Pretoria.

Condition After Photizo:

Phototherapy improved blood circulation to the area, promoting cellular regeneration and repair, speeding up recovery. The stallion made a full recovery with no proud flesh and minimal scar tissue formation.


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