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Ischaemia is one of the most destructive complications of diabetes. It has become clear that this condition may predispose a patient to ulcerations, as well as gangrene, which may result in lower limb amputations. The literature has shown that endothelial and smooth muscle cell dysfunction contributes to impaired microcirculation in patients with diabetes. Read more here on using light therapy to assist in the healing of diabetic ulcers.

Light therapy has been shown to positively affect the healing process in wounds that are associated with diabetes. Several studies have acknowledged that infrared light therapy, such as in the Photizo device, stimulates angiogenesis and microcirculation and promotes vasodilation, thereby improving blood circulation and reducing tissue damage that is caused by ischaemia.

The loss of collagen which is associated with diabetes can be due to decreased levels of its synthesis, enhanced metabolism, or a combination of both. This degradation in the collagen levels contributes to the formation of ulcers. Photizo light therapy has been shown to increase the regeneration of collagen and also improve blood circulation, both of which positively contribute to the healing of diabetic ulcers.

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