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Vetlight: Untreated corneal ulcer

Condition Presented: The patient was presented with an untreated ulcer on the left cornea the owners did not notice. The eye was red, inflamed and painful. Duration Of PhotizoTreatment: Phototherapy was done once a day using the Tissue Trauma protocol.…

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Vetlight: Unknown mass

Condition Presented: Ginger, a riding school pony, presented with a chronic, 2 month old, non-healing mass, 3.5 raised, on her right shoulder area. The mass was opened up by a Vet but no underlying cause could be established. The pony…

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Vetlight: Tail necrosis and abscessation

Condition Presented: The patient was presented with a chronic, painful, infected and necrotic tail. Duration Of Photizo Treatment: Phototherapy was done once a day, for 3 minutes for the first 5 days and thereafter every second or third day. Treatment…

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Vetlight: Suspensory ligament injury with swelling

Condition Presented: Gamble, a 9-year-old gelding presented 4 weeks after sustaining an initial injury. An ultrasound examination revealed a severely thickened digital sheath, with a disrupted enlarged lateral digital band of the superficial digital flexor tendon. Gamble was 5/5 lame…

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Vetlight: Second intention wound healing

Condition Presented: 1 year old, male dog presented with a large degloving wound after extensive surgery and toe amputation. There was not enough skin available to close the defect and due to financial constrains the wound was left to heal…

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