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For Pain-Free, Effective Relief Choose Light Therapy for Acne

As a species, we tend to be conscious of our physical appearance, generally choosing clothes and using grooming products designed to help us to look our best. However, for anyone who may be affected by visible, facial blemishes, their appearance can often be a source of embarrassment. Those with scars, pimples, or uneven pigmentation either seek to conceal them with cosmetics or pursue any available treatment options. Some options are invasive and painful and some simply don’t work. By contrast, light therapy for the treatment of acne and other skin conditions is both gentle and effective.

photizo skincare light therapy

Conventionally, the treatment of this condition, which can take several forms, involves the topical application of certain chemicals whose effect is to promote varying degrees of exfoliation. The condition may be either inflammatory or non-inflammatory. The latter consists of blackheads and whiteheads which do not cause swelling and can be treated with mild topical preparations containing salicylic acid. With inflammatory types, infection is often present and may need oral or systemic antibiotics and more stringent options such as chemical skin peels. Light therapy, however, is effective for all forms of acne as well as for treating pimples, scars, and hyperpigmentation.

The use of carefully selected wavelengths of red and infrared light is not designed to promote exfoliation per se but rather to stimulate and boost the functioning of the body’s natural defence mechanisms. At the same time, the light rays also promote increased blood flow in the irradiated areas which, in turn, means that the breakdown products of damaged cells will be quickly flushed away for subsequent disposal by the immune system. Importantly, light therapy for acne is a gentle, non-invasive procedure which, unlike chemical peels, carries no risk of complications and requires no post-treatment recovery time.

Given today’s economic climate, costs have become an important issue for many South Africans. Repeated visits to a beauty specialist or a dermatologist can quickly add up to a substantial sum. Home treatments are available and one of the most effective of these is light therapy. Whether for acne, pimples, rough skin, dark patches, rosacea, insect bites, or even surgical scars and cracked nipples, the Photizo Skincare device provides a safe and effective means to conduct home treatments indefinitely, in return for a modest, once-off investment.

The device uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to generate the appropriate wavelengths which penetrate deeply, but painlessly, to stimulate both the improved immune activity and normal cellular function required for the healing process. Simple to use, once located over the treatment area and switched on, your light therapy session for acne, pimples, or scarring will proceed until it is automatically terminated.

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