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Ironically, people often stress over slow-healing wounds but this very stress further slows down the natural healing process. Photizo Skincare helps to stimulate and accelerate healing, reduce swelling and inflammation and increases the blood and lymph vessel diameter, to ensure clearing of waste products and inflow of oxygen and nutrients in the treated areas.

Photizo Skincare harnesses the healing power of red and infrared light at specific wavelengths and frequencies which are proven to be effective in accelerating the natural healing and restoration of wounds.

Which conditions can Photizo Skincare aid?

In addition to healing acute and chronic wounds, Photizo Skincare improves tissue quality and leads to accelerated wound healing after cosmetic and medical surgical procedures.

Photizo Skincare promotes the anti-inflammatory process, activates blood circulation, and realigns collagen fibres. It reduces scabbing and erythema, without promoting keloids.

Photizo Skincare can be used to effectively treat the following conditions:

  • Acne and pimples
  • Burns
  • Cold sores
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Metabolic-disease-related wounds
  • Non-healing surgical wounds
  • Oral sores from chemotherapy/radiation
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other skin inflammatory conditions
  • Venous ulcers
  • Wound healing (acute and chronic), and other skin damage, for example scrapes, cuts, blisters, minor burns and sunburn
  • Wounds that repeatedly break down.

How does Photizo Skincare work?

One of the beneficial characteristics of red and infrared light is that it has the ability to promote and enhance healing. The irradiation by red and infrared light triggers the natural repair mechanisms carried out by the body. Several of the mechanisms of action for red and infrared light therapy that work to alleviate pain and inflammation also play an important role in tissue healing.

Wound healing progresses through stages of inflammation, proliferation, remodelling and maturation. Light therapy has been demonstrated to impact each of these phases in beneficial ways. Light therapy can provide beneficial impacts in open surface wounds.

Photizo Skincare’s LEDs produce a gentle and soothing warmth and can be used on any skin type or colour.

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained a quite severe concussion as well as back and neck muscle injuries. I’ve treated all my injuries with the Photizo with amazing results. My headaches,…read more

Zelda Becker

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Pascal Van Waeyenberghe

The patient, Ms J.E. Taute, has been bedridden for the past four years. She has had a large pressure sore on her back for the past 8 months which was unresponsive to any treatments that…read more

Christa Taute

My son was injured in an accident shortly before his wedding. He sustained several injuries and lacerations to his face, which include eyes which were swollen shut, most of his face was blue, his cheekbone…read more

Dat Brits

I am a quadriplegic and a nasty pressure sore developed in April 2005. My nurse tried all sorts of treatments, including putting me on a machine to try and close the wound. After several months,…read more


As a Somatologist (beauty therapist) working with the Photizo for the past two months, I was impressed by its user-friendliness, quick results, client satisfaction, and cost efficiency. Our salon treatment quality has entered a new…read more

Leandra Moolman (Somatologist)

I am a Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology therapist and am currently using the Photizo® in my practice. The results of the Photizo® treatments I’m experiencing are amazingly effective and fast. Photizo® enables me to obtain…read more

Larette Roesch

I’ve been using the Photizo light for the past 8 years, with great results, personally and professionally. We used it on patients after they had an operation. Their pain was considerably less and their wounds…read more

Kotie Nel Physiotherapist

I am a trained nurse and started using the Photizo® Light Therapy device in 2006. Here are a few examples of great results with the Photizo: I used it in wound care and had wonderful…read more

Sr. Hannie Strobos

I have been a physiotherapist for the last 10 years. I have been using Photizo for the last five years in my practice and replaced all my lasers with Photizo. We are three physiotherapists in…read more

Femke Moodie Physiotherapists

I was used to high tech dressings and was sceptical to use light therapy for my patients. It took me a while before I was convinced to try the Photizo® device. The first patient I…read more

Dr. Jan Vandeputte

The South African Guide-Dogs Association for the blind uses the Photizo product on its dogs who have been spayed or castrated. We also use it on some of our dogs who have had to undergo…read more

Monica Steen

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