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Sitting in a chair for hours on end, day after day results in many office workers suffering from debilitating chronic back pain.

Some of the most common causes of lower back pain are a lack of lumbar support from a chair that’s too soft or one that doesn’t encourage good posture, a muscular imbalance in which your pectoral muscles (chest) are stronger than your back muscles (common in men who like to work out their beach muscles more than their back).

How will light therapy help treat chronic lower back?

Light therapy alleviates chronic inflammation by increasing blood flow to the damaged tissues, and it had been found in numerous clinical trials to increase the body’s antioxidant defences.[1]

Photizo Pain Relief will help to:

  • Reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines and increase anti-inflammatory cytokines
  • Reduce inflammation by modulating inflammatory cells
  • Reduce muscle spasm and stiffness
  • Increase quality sleep.

[1] Hamblin M. “Mechanisms and applications of the anti-inflammatory effects of photobiomodulation”. AIMS Biophys. 2017; 4(3): 337-361. doi: 10.3934/biophy. 2017.3.337

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