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How Light Rays Can Provide an Effective Chronic Pain Treatment

Although it may be less obvious in South Africa, many of those who live in the more temperate countries of the northern hemisphere will attest to the benefits of sunlight. Apart from lifting one’s mood when winter has passed and encouraging the growth of green plants, the sun’s rays act to synthesise vitamin D from cholesterol present in the skin. In turn, the vitamin D assists the intestinal absorption of dietary calcium needed for healthy bone growth. Something that might be less well-known in both hemispheres is the fact that light rays can also be used as a chronic pain treatment.

photizo pain relief light therapy

While the body has natural mechanisms with which to moderate pain, individual thresholds vary and, unaided, these natural analgesic mechanisms may not provide all the required relief. Known as phototherapy or light therapy, the technology utilises specific wavelengths of light as the means to further stimulate the body’s natural response, thus acting, indirectly, to provide a non-invasive form of chronic pain treatment.

Phototherapy is an approach that avoids any risk of the contraindications, side effects, and dependency often associated with prescription medications such as opioids or with over-the-counter, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. It is also preferable to physiotherapy, ultrasound, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in that it is considerably less expensive and also far more convenient. The greater convenience stems from the fact that one can purchase the necessary equipment and administer this type of chronic pain treatment at home.

Developed by Photon Therapy Systems, the technology was first applied as a natural, non-invasive therapy for wound care in diabetic subjects. Further studies revealed the effectiveness of the phototherapy device in other areas, including analgesia, skincare, and anti-ageing, prompting the development of a Photizo range that now consists of five models designed for personal use and two for use by professional therapists.

Acting to reduce the sensitivity of nerve pathways and promoting the production of natural painkillers known as endorphins, the Photizo device is the safest method of chronic pain treatment currently available, a fact that has been consistently supported by innumerable satisfied customers in South Africa as well as in the USA, UK, and Asia.

Typical of conditions in which light therapy has proved effective are lower-back problems, arthritic joints, nerve damage, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, the Photizo Pain Relief device is also an effective form of chronic pain treatment. Simple to use, when placed in position, activating the switch delivers a timed treatment which can be repeated on the same or another area as necessary.

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