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Why You Should Use Light Therapy as Skin Condition Treatment in Animals

As technology improves, so do the medical therapies we have available – as well of the efficacy of these therapies. This is not only highly beneficial for us and our families, but also holds many advantages for other animal species. By harnessing the healing powers of light therapy, we have not only provided treatment options for us as humans, but we have also been able to translate these methods to be used for the treatment of conditions in animals, such as skin condition, inflammation and pain therapy.

What is Light Therapy and How Can It Be Used to Treat Animals?

Skin Condition Treatment in AnimalsUsing specific wavelengths and frequencies of red and infrared light, it is possible to increase blood flow to a specific region, speed up the removal of waste on a cellular level, and restart the body’s natural healing process. These factors support the fighting of inflammation and faster healing, making it a highly effective way of treating skin condition treatment in animals.

This type of therapy can also be used to bring pain relief, reduce swelling and inflammation, treat certain chronic conditions, and even to stimulate the immune system in acute traumatic conditions.

Photizo Vetcare Light Therapy Has Many Uses

As mentioned, light therapy is useful for a number of ailments. It can be used for skin condition treatment in animals caused by or related to eczema, skin allergies, wounds, lacerations, saddle sores, abscesses, and more.

The Photizo Vetcare device is suitable for treating domestic animals, horses, and large livestock. It has specifically been developed in a way that not only makes it practical for skin condition treatment in these animals but also a range of other conditions, including:

  • Any area treated surgically (post-op), including skin grafts
  • Sinusitis, corneal ulcers, and viral-related ailments
  • Musculoskeletal problems, including but not limited to muscle spasms, overuse injuries, tendonitis, and arthritis

Ultimately, the Photizo Vetcare apparatus relieves pain and speeds up healing, supporting both the health and the wellbeing of animals.

Where to Get the Photizo Vetcare

Whether you are a veterinarian who wants to speed up the treatment of your clients’ animals, especially post-operation, a farmer who is looking for the treatment of their livestock, or someone who wants to bring relief to their pet with a chronic condition, the Photizo Vetcare is the solution. Get this light therapy apparatus in our online store for effective pain relief, inflammation control, skin condition treatment in animals.

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