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A Light Therapy Device for Skin Treatment at Home

Our skin plays such an important role in our lives. As the biggest organ of the human body, it helps us to regulate our body temperature; it protects us from germs, microbes, and other elements; and it facilitates the sensation of touch and the perception of hot and cold. It also greatly affects our appearance, which in turn, has a significant effect on our self-image and psyche. Considering that it has such a great impact on the quality of our lives, it only makes sense that we do whatever we can to protect and nurture our skin, which is why you should know about the Photizo Blush – a light therapy device for skin treatment.

Photizo blushWhat is the Photizo Blush?

This handheld light therapy device harnesses the healing powers of red and infrared light as an effective skin treatment method.

How It Works

Using a number of LED bulbs set at a specific frequency, it helps to increase blood flow to the treated area, which in turn, increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients, as well as supports the removal of waste materials. It also stimulates the body’s natural healing processes in order to renew cells and repair damage. 

What Do You Use the Photizo Blush For?

This practical light therapy device is set to transform your entire beauty regime in no time. It is super easy to use and completely non-invasive, and results in softer and more youthful appearance. Use it in conjunction with your existing skincare routine for optimal anti-ageing results. 

The Photizo Blush Treatment Is Effective For:

  • Stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which gives your skin that healthy, smooth appearance
  • Reducing the appearance of dark circles under your eyes
  • Reducing the appearance of puffy eyes
  • Improving the texture and tone of your skin
  • Reducing wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines

One of the biggest advantages of the Photizo Blush light therapy device is that it provides effective skin treatment with minimum effort. You can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Where Can You Find This Nifty Light Therapy Device?

Order your very own Photizo Blush from the Photizo online store or click on the “Resellers” link at the top of the page to find a stockist near you. Be sure to check out the full range of products and get in touch with the Photizo team if you have any questions.

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