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The muscle or ligament pain experienced after an injury as a result of strain or overuse can be extremely debilitating. By reducing inflammation, Photizo Light Therapy can help improve mobility, flexibility and restore movement more rapidly after injury.

How does Photizo Light Therapy work for muscle injuries?

Photizo Light Therapy stimulates healing, relieves pain, swelling and inflammation, reduces muscle spasms, and increases the blood and lymph vessel diameter, to ensure clearing of waste products and inflow of oxygen and nutrients in the treated areas.

Photizo Light Therapy stimulates endorphin and serotonin secretion. This is the body’s own pain and relaxing ‘medication’. It effectively reduces the inflammatory process that is caused by damage, injury or overuse and reduces muscle spasms and trigger points.

It assists in reducing swelling by increasing the blood vessel and lymph diameter to clear excess waste products from the injured or inflamed area. This reduces the pressure and irritation on nerve endings that causes more pain, and increases blood flow into the area, ensuring that the tissues can absorb more nutrients and oxygen.

Which conditions can Photizo Light Therapy aid?

Photizo Light Therapy is beneficial in the treatment of numerous muscle and ligament injury conditions including:

  • Overuse injuries such as runners’ knee, shin splints, tennis and golfers elbow
  • Muscle strains and soreness
  • Tendon/ligament injuries.

Long-lasting effects

In studies on light therapy, it has been shown that it improves the mitochondria respiration cycle. This can lead to better activation and formation of the muscle stem cells that eventually develop into healthier muscle tissue. This means that those who use red and infrared light therapy on their muscles will have long-lasting healthy muscle tissue as a result.

Once the LED light has increased the cell’s energy production, each cell within the treated area begins producing new cells to replace the cells of the injured tissue. In his paper Mechanisms of Low Level Light Therapy, author Michael R. Hamblin reported that once ATP production increases, so do a cell’s production of fibroblasts. These cells provide the building blocks of the body’s connective tissue, producing collagen and other soft tissues and making increased fibroblast creation particularly helpful in treating sports injuries involving torn tendons or ligaments.

Why Photizo Light Therapy for injury healing?

  1. Gives muscles the proper fuel

Muscle healing starts on the cellular level, which is why red and infrared light therapy is so effective. Mitochondria are the building blocks that are responsible for expediting healing time. However, they have high energy demands. Photizo Light Therapy gives them the stimulation needed to kick into action and start the healing process.

  1. Helps prevent fatigue

Fatigued tissue is a common source of muscle injuries. Strained muscle fibres hinder athletic performance and are more prone to breaking down. Photizo Light Therapy promotes mitochondria, antioxidant, and heat protein production—all of which are critical for relieving oxidative stress and reducing inflammation.

  1. Aids in muscle growth

When muscles tear and or are otherwise stressed, regeneration becomes important. Photizo Light Therapy aids in muscle function and growth, which can quicken injury healing times. It gives one’s muscles the fuel they need to not only heal, but to take one’s game to the next level.

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