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Age & Gender:

68 year old female

Condition Presented:

Knee prosthesis and numerous unsuccessful skin grafts. The wound was over 1 year old at start of treatment and the patient had been in hospital during the week for the past year, only going home on weekends. The wound was only treated on weekends

Duration Of Photizo Treatment:

The patient had to stay in the hospital during the week and was scheduled for a final skin graft. The home care nurse suggested to the surgeons to treat the patient with the Photizo® device during the weekend and postpone the surgery. The doctors agreed and waited for the results. The first Photizo® treatment (once a day for 6 minutes) was started on 29 October 2005. The base treatment was L-Mesitran Soft. Treatment results 2 days later show already a remarkable improvement. The patient was sent back to the hospital after the weekend and there was no Photizo® treatment for the following two weeks.

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