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Treatment of non-chronic injury-related pain


Spine-Health defines acute pain as a type of pain that typically lasts less than three to six months or pain that is directly related to soft tissue damage such as a sprained ankle or paper cut. Acute pain is of short duration, but it gradually resolves as the injured tissues heal.


Non-chronic or acute pain can happen on a daily basis in varying degrees. Typical examples could be caused by soft tissue injury due to overuse, joint injuries due to strains, sprains or fractures, and normal bumps or bruises.

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Lindsey Lester

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How does Photizo Sport work?

Throughout the ages, sunlight (as the earliest form of phototherapy) has been known to have both healing and wellness properties. Light is energy, and energy sustains life – it cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed into other forms.

Photizo Sport’s LED light therapy harnesses the healing power of red and infrared light at specific wavelengths and frequencies for accelerated healing by activating the pain and relaxing ‘medication’ of your body.

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are non-invasive, painless, produce a gentle and soothing warmth and do not require recovery time. Photizo Sport allows increased blood flow into the area being treated to ensure that any waste is quickly removed from the area.

Using Photizo Sport

Simply place the Photizo Sport’s head (containing the LEDs) on the area to be treated, press the power button and wait until the timed treatment ends, then move it to the next area requiring treatment. Repeat until you have finished treating all the desired areas.

Power OutputVaries with a peak output of 330mW/cm2
Coverage Area4.7cm2
Wavelengths633nm red, 850nm infrared

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