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Here’s a short (but nice) story:-

I came across the Photizo when I was looking for a solution to my Border Collie’s arthritis problems and decided to try it.

It worked well on her front legs so I was pleased with it.

In the meantime, my daughter, Carla, (35) has problems with her teeth and always has a lot of trouble when she has to have one out. There is invariably an infection and a long healing time. She was scheduled to have a large lower tooth out and to have an implant when it had healed. I suggested that she should borrow the Photizo and, as soon after the extraction as possible, should use it on her jaw twice a day for a minute each time. There was nothing to lose by trying this so she used it as soon as she sat in her car afterward. She kept it for a week and returned to see the dentist for a checkup. The dentist was amazed how quickly the gum had healed and said that the bone was in such good condition that two smaller implants could be done instead of the one large one that had been planned.

My daughter was very pleased! So pleased that she decided to try the Photizo on her back where she had an injury from a very bumpy fairground ride a couple of years ago. She had a good result from this too so her housemate asked if it would help with her feet. She has plantar fasciitis and can’t walk far without experiencing a lot of pain. She found almost immediate relief from the pain and was able to help my daughter to walk the dogs without any trouble. (My daughter is a full-time self-employed dog walker and pet sitter and needs some help occasionally if she has dogs that don’t get on with each other very well.)

You can probably see why I had difficulty in getting the Photizo back from them!

I am 71 and have severe arthritis and sciatica as well as a trapped nerve in my neck. The sciatica was crippling for a few days so I decided to give the Photizo a try on it. Woo Hoo! It worked straight away and I was able to walk again within about half an hour of using it.

I have now been able to take the advice concerning Tiffy and it has worked well. I live near the beach (Redcar) and take Tiffy there for a walk. If she walks across the hard sand she leaves paw prints and two long scrapes because her back legs don’t coordinate properly and her foot drags. After three days of using the Photizo on her back and on the feet, I noticed that the scrape mark was intermittent. On day five it had almost completely gone. I’m hoping that it will soon be completely gone. Good result – so thank you for the advice.

Needless to say, I’m very pleased that I discovered your website and bought a Photizo.

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