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I am a quadriplegic and a nasty pressure sore developed in April 2005. My nurse tried all sorts of treatments, including putting me on a machine to try and close the wound. After several months, she recommended that I should see a Surgeon. As surgery is NOT an option for me personally, I made contact with a Physiotherapist, who did laser therapy on the wound twice a week. The wound slowly started to heal. She then found out about the Photizo machine and in July 2006, I started using light therapy once a day. The results have been fantastic as in 2 months the wound has closed from 5 cm x 4 cm and 5 cm deep (the bone was exposed) to 2 cm x 1.5 cm with the depth varying between 1 mm to .7 mm in the undermined area of the wound. I have also found the Photizo excellent in preventing potential pressure sores from developing.

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