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Condition Presented:

1 year old, male dog presented with a large degloving wound after extensive surgery and toe amputation. There was not enough skin available to close the defect and due to financial constrains the wound was left to heal by second intention.

Duration Of Photizo Treatment:

Phototherapy was done once a day, for 3 minutes for the first 5 days and every second to third day thereafter. The patient was kept on concurrent antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs and the wound was bandaged for the first 2 weeks.

Treatment Performed:

Treatment and case study was done by Vetlight in Pretoria.

Condition After Photizo:

3 Days after the start of phototherapy, granulation tissue started to fill the defect and the wound edges started to contact. Epithelial cells started to grow and fill-in the lesion, and within 2 weeks the defect was less than half the initial size. No surgery was ever needed and the defect closed with minimal scar tissue formation. The owner was very pleased.


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