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Venous Ulcer

Age & Gender: 78 Year Old Female Condition Presented: 18 month old venous ulcer treated with Intra Site gel, surrounding skin protected with Zinc paste Duration Of Photizo Treatment: On 27 September 2005 Photizo® therapy was started together with the…

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Age & Gender: Young male Condition Presented: Severe lymph oedema and swelling to left lower leg due to and injury to the blood and lymph vessels 1 year prior. Duration Of Photizo Treatment: 3 light therapy sessions over a period…

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Knee Prosthesis

Age & Gender: 68 year old female Condition Presented: Knee prosthesis and numerous unsuccessful skin grafts. The wound was over 1 year old at start of treatment and the patient had been in hospital during the week for the past…

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Hyper Pigmentation

Age & Gender: Mature Female Condition Presented: Hyper pigmentation due to a hormonal imbalance, aggravated by sun exposure. Duration Of Photizo Treatment: 7 light therapy sessions over a period of 10 days Condition After Photizo: 7 treatments produced the result…

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Head Injury

Age & Gender: 75 Year old male Condition Presented: Severe cut to the head Treatment Done Before Photizo: On visit to the hospital the bleeding was stopped and the cut stapled Duration Of Photizo Treatment: After a week, the staples…

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Age & Gender: Mature Male Condition Presented: Torn hamstring muscle with a massive haematoma. Patient was on anti-clotting medication. Duration Of Photizo Treatment: 3 light therapy sessions over a period of 5 days. Condition After Photizo: After five days and…

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Fractured foot

Age & Gender: Male Condition Presented: On the 7th of April 2007, I had a severe bike accident. I was not wearing my protective gear and flipped my motorcycle. I was rushed off to the hospital where I was heavily…

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Age & Gender: Mature male Condition Presented: Seboherric Eczema for over 30 years Duration Of Photizo Treatment: Photizo® Home Unit (642) on wounds protocol once daily Condition After Photizo: Condition almost completely cured after less than a month

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Alcoholic and Mild Venous Insufficiency

Age & Gender: Adult Male Condition Presented: Over one-year-old ulcer (Alcoholic and mild venous insufficiency). Wound was treated with L-Mesitran Soft over the previous months. Duration Of PhotizoTreatment: On 2 October 2005 Photizo® therapy commenced. The L-Mesitran Soft therapy was…

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AGE & GENDER: 5 year old Male CONDITION PRESENTED: Client has been diagnosed with vitiligo on 25 February 2015. DURATION OF PHOTIZO TREATMENT: Photizo Light Therapy was given 3 x per week with the Photizo Physiotherapy Professional. The following medicine…

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