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Joint Inflammation Treatment

Joint Inflammation Treatment for Conditions Associated with Arthritis and More

Experiencing pain in your joints is unfortunately a rather common occurrence. Considering the importance of our joints – they are the mechanics that form the connections between our bones and make all types of movement possible – this is certainly an issue that cannot be left unattended. Pain in the knee is the most common complaint, followed by pain in the shoulder and in the hip, but joint pain can affect any part of the body. It is usually caused by inflammation and treatment is, therefore, usually focussed on addressing this underlying cause.

The Issue with Conventional Joint Inflammation Treatment

joint inflammation treatmentWhile injuries or overexertion can cause joint inflammation, the cause is often chronic or long-lasting conditions, such as gout, bursitis, osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis. In such a case, conventional treatment might prove problematic, as it is not advised to take anti-inflammatory medication continuously for extended periods of time, as it can significantly increase the chance of suffering from the side effects of the medication.

What Can You Do for Relief?

Light therapy offers an effective solution that is safe and easy to use, completely non-invasive, and circumvents the negative effects posed by the extended use of traditional anti-inflammatory medication.

The Photizo Pain Relief device relieves pain and reduces swelling and inflammation by stimulating and supporting the body’s natural healing activities. It achieves this by reducing the sensitivity of the neural pathways and causing the body to release endorphins that provide a nontoxic, natural form of pain relief. It also causes the blood and lymph vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow and enabling the body to deliver oxygen and nutrients and remove waste products from the treated area more effectively.

Other Uses of the Photizo Pain Relief

The Photizo Pain Relief is effective as a treatment for both joint and general inflammation, and its healing properties do not end there. It can also be used for:

  • Pain and inflammation associated with calcaneal spur or flat feet
  • Pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation associated with fibromyalgia
  • Pain and sensation loss associated with nerve damage
  • Chronic muscle spasms
  • Cartilage damage

The time has come to make light work of both general and joint inflammation treatment. To find out more about the incredible Photizo Pain Relief device, how to use it, and where to buy it – whether for yourself or for use in your practice – get in touch with our friendly team at Photizo.

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