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I have been a physiotherapist for the last 10 years. I have been using Photizo for the last five years in my practice and replaced all my lasers with Photizo.

We are three physiotherapists in our practice and we all prefer the Photizo, for the results achieved are just so much better.

I was amazed at its wound healing properties. We treat caesarean and laparotomy wounds in hospitals, and also treat cracked nipples for all the breastfeeding mommies. If we compare the healing process with the normal laser used in our practice for the first five years, to the healing process in the last five years with Photizo, we see a much quicker healing process.

Patients feel an immediate effect on pain and 24 hours later we can already see new tissue being formed. A normal laser also does this but the difference is that laser is very concentrated per dosage per area being treated. The time taken to give an effective dosage is much longer with a laser. The Photizo Light Therapy Device makes it easy to treat large areas for its probes are bigger and the dosage per treatment is spread over a wide area. There are also fewer contra-indications to the use of Photizo which makes it easy to treat more patients.

The elasticity of the connective tissue is really good and patients form much less scar tissue. With patients being treated for caesarean wounds, with their first babies, we used normal laser and the second time around we used Photizo. The results on reduced pain, reduced scar tissue forming and improved elasticity was really much better. The patients also noticed a difference.

We also use Photizo for sinus treatments. It clears the inflammation in the sinuses and helps with sinus headaches. It is very comfortable to treat baby’s sinuses, as they move a lot during treatment. The probe has a soft attachment which makes it easy to control the probe and baby without hurting the baby.

Light therapy isn’t a painful modality and again the area being treated and penetration into the treatment area is very good. We have also seen great results on sports injuries and neck and back conditions. I also use our Photizo to treat headaches and any joint injury or condition.

I would really recommend the use of Photizo Light Therapy. It just makes treatment so much more effective and our results is just so much better.

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