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Pregnancy and child birth are special events in women’s lives. Whether a Caesarean section birth is an elective or an emergency procedure, the wounds can cause discomfort and frustration for the mother of the baby. Since a C-section entails cutting through multiple layers of skin and muscle to reach the womb, it’s normal to experience pain and possibly inflammation, in the first few weeks after baby is born.

Light therapy helps to decrease the pain and inflammation associated with both acute and chronic wounds, making it the ideal solution for mothers recovering from a C-section birth.

How will light therapy help treat C-section wounds?

Red and infrared light therapy is an effective and safe remedy for helping to reduce the pain and inflammation commonly associated with wounds. It can penetrate deep through the layers of the skin and because it enhances and improves circulation in the skin and other parts of the body, it can bring oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues, promoting healing. It helps ease pain, relieve inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress.

Some of the benefits of using light therapy to treat C-section wounds include:

  • It is safe, natural, non-invasive, and painless
  • It increases microcirculation and formation of new capillaries.
  • The wound area receives more oxygen and nutrients to help with the natural wound healing process.
  • Promotes lymph system activity – this helps with detoxification of the wound without overtaxing the lymph system and prevents lymphoedema.
  • Cleans up dead cells: boosted blood circulation helps with cleaning up dead or damaged cells, including dead bacteria.
  • Promotes collagen and elastin production in the final wound healing phases.
  • Helps to release ATP (raw cellular energy) which gives energy to the damaged cells in the wound so they can heal better and faster.

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