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Johannesburg-based commercial model and health & fitness trainer – Britt Dercksen – recently gave birth to her first child and has been using the Photizo Skincare unit to assist in the reduction of pregnancy stretch marks and in the healing of her caesarian scar.

“I previously owned a Photizo Skincare unit but in the move to a new house, it was misplaced. I was devastated, to say the least. I was thrilled when the unit’s manufacturers provide me with a new Photizo Skincare unit to use on my post-pregnancy body,” says Britt.

Following a nightly regime of treating her ‘problem’ areas just two weeks after giving birth, Britt says that she would recommend the unit for any new mothers with C-section scars or stretch marks, or in fact anyone with pigmentation problems.

“Photizo Skincare – what would I do without you? The unit has helped me immensely with the healing process of my C-section scar, has reduced my pain levels and has drastically reduced my pigmentation. My skin is more radiant than ever. The Photizo Skincare is extremely user-friendly, easy to understand and very practical. A great asset in my beauty arsenal!”


Photizo Light Therapy
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South Africa

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