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Because animals cannot verbalise their pain to us, we are often unaware when they are suffering from chronic pain or deep muscle tissue problems. Common signs exhibited in animals who are suffering include licking of affected areas, limping, excessive panting (not related to hot weather), decreased overall mobility, and avoidance behaviour.

By reducing inflammation, Photizo Vetcare can help improve mobility, flexibility and reduce pain levels in animals

How does Photizo Vetcare work?

Photizo Vetcare stimulates healing, relieves pain, swelling and inflammation, reduces muscle spasms, and increases the blood and lymph vessel diameter, to ensure clearing of waste products and inflow of oxygen and nutrients in the treated areas.

Photizo Vetcare stimulates endorphin and serotonin secretion. This is the body’s own pain and relaxing ‘medication’. It effectively reduces the inflammatory process that is caused by damage, injury or overuse and reduces muscle spasms and trigger points.

It assists in reducing swelling by increasing the blood vessel and lymph diameter to clear excess waste products from the injured or inflamed area. This reduces the pressure and irritation on nerve endings that causes more pain, and increases blood flow into the area, ensuring that the tissues can absorb more nutrients and oxygen.

Photizo Vetcare utilises biology to help your animal recover faster. In a nutshell, the benefits of red and infrared light therapy are that they reduce the discomfort of pain and inflammation while promoting blood flow and the body’s own tissue repair mechanisms.

In a clinical study, horses that suffered from chronic back pain for years responded so well to light therapy that in less than three months, over 70% were back to training and competing.

Which conditions can Photizo Vetcare aid?

Light therapy is beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammatory conditions associated with arthritic conditions and overuse injuries in animals.

Chronic ‘injuries’ or overuse inflammatory reactions occur when the tissue does not complete the healing cycle. Light therapy breaks this cycle and gives the tissue the opportunity to start the healing process if possible, or in chronic conditions to maintain pain-free periods.

  • Treatment will stimulate optimum cell condition (bone, nerve, capsule, cartilage and muscle tissue) to maintain healthy tissue. This may help to prevent further degeneration of tissues like nerves, bone/joints and blood vessels.
  • Treatment on the acupuncture points has excellent treatment outcomes.

Arthritis is a common health challenge as animals age, but some breeds, such as hounds and bulldogs, are particularly susceptible to joint problems – even at younger ages. Because of the growing clinical evidence, light therapy is becoming a more mainstream treatment for these types of issues. In a study conducted on dogs that had surgery to repair herniated disks, on average, the treated group recovered four times faster than the control group.

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