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Condition Presented:

The patient presented with a chronic open wound on the lateral metatarsal area. The owner was unsure of the cause and had been treating the wound for the past week and a half himself with topical ointments. According to the owner, the wound was not healing at all and the dog was starting to lick the area affected.

Duration Of Photizo Treatment:

Phototherapy was done for 5 minutes, once a day for a week. The dog was only started on concurrent Cephalexin antibiotics and anti-inflammatories 2 days after phototherapy had commenced. X-rays revealed an underlying instability, with ankylosis of the joint starting to form, as being the primary underlying cause of the pain and subsequent licking of the affected area.

Treatment Performed:

Treatment and case study was done by Vetlight in Pretoria.

Condition After Photizo:

Note the drastic change in the appearance of the wound after only 1 phototherapy treatment and without any antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs or wound dressings. A collar was never needed as the patient stopped licking. The patient was sent home with anti-inflammatory drugs.


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