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Condition Presented:

Previously treated with depo-medrol injections and antibiotics. Due to the side-effects of cortisone an alternative treatment modality was requested, and so phototherapy was given as sole treatment.

Duration Of Photizo Treatment:

Phototherapy was done for 5 minutes, once a day, for 5 days and thereafter once a day, 3 times a week, for 5 days. The wound took, in total, 16 days to heal completely. No other medication was given.

Treatment Performed:

Treatment and case study was done by Vetlight in Pretoria.

Condition After Photizo:

From the second day of phototherapy the lip was much less swollen, with less necrosis and healthy tissue could fill the defect. As expected, the lesion re-occurred a month later and phototherapy was started again. The lesion regressed again (full results still pending).


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