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How Light Therapy Has Become a Popular Treatment for Dogs with Arthritis

Having a dog with arthritis can be a major adjustment. Not only is it distressing to understand your beloved furry friend is in pain, but their pet’s inability to talk means that pet owners can only guess at ways to make their animal more comfortable. Fortunately, as our understanding of inflammatory conditions broadens, so too does our knowledge on possible treatment options. Light therapy is a relatively new, but widely tested, treatment process in which many pet owners strongly believe.

Dog Arthritis TreatmentTreating a Dog with Arthritis

As with human beings suffering from arthritis, the key to successful care comes in the form of anything that can reduce inflammation in the body. For some pet owners, this might mean anti-inflammatory medications, dietary supplements, and strict control of the animal’s diet and weight. It might even mean purchasing an orthopaedic dog bed, installing ramps and slip-free flooring, and using various kinds of massages and exercises to promote mobility. While none of these solutions should be discarded, LED light therapy can act as a complementary therapy to aid in the reduction of inflammation and help to improve blood circulation.

Keep an Eye Out for These Symptoms

Pet owners already seeking a dog arthritis treatment plan might have only recently noticed some stiffness in their canine’s gait. Many owners, unfortunately, assume that the change in their pooch’s mobility is simply a natural progression tied to old age, but catching the signs early could mean a better quality of life for your dog. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Body or limb stiffness and trouble standing up from lying down or sitting positions
  • Difficulty climbing stairs, jumping, or running
  • Disinterest in physical activities such as going for walks and playing
  • Limping or trembling
  • Tenderness while walking
  • Behavioural changes (agitation, irritation, or even aggression due to pain)

Why LED Therapy is Effective as a Dog Arthritis Treatment

LED light utilises various wavelengths of photons to penetrate the skin, bone, muscles, and different tissues in your pet’s body. Within their body, photoreceptors inside of the animal’s cells absorb this light, which boosts the energy inside the cells. This increased energy within the cells amplifies the body’s ability to heal itself. This naturally promotes cellular regeneration and blood flow while reducing pain and inflammation.

Within our range of hand-held LED therapy devices, the Photizo Vetcare has been specially designed for pain, muscle, and skin conditions in animals. Musculoskeletal problems, in particular, benefit from this safe, hassle-free, and natural solution. You want to give your pet its best possible shot at good health and vitality, and it all starts with the right treatment. To find out more, simply click here.

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