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My name is Hannes Venter, and I am 45 years old. I am an enthusiastic road running athlete. During February 2008, I developed an injury, in my right foot, called plantar fasciitis. This injury caused me to experience severe pain and forced me to stop running, and I even battled to walk without pain, especially after a night’s rest. I was desperate, and quite discouraged. I had tried several cures such as anti-inflammatory tablets and other treatments. Nothing cleared the condition. Some people suggested surgery, and I contemplated giving up my favorite sport: running! A friend referred me to Dr. Maaki Ramagole, of the High Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria, for treatment. Dr Ramagole advised me of the brilliant results she had already obtained with the Photizo® Light Therapy device, and suggested this treatment. I was amazed. After 4 treatments I already experienced pain relief and after 9 treatments I returned to my training schedule, without any pain whatsoever! I’m thankful that my injury is something of the past, and that I did not need harmful drugs or even surgery! All credit to the Photizo® Light Therapy Device!

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