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If you are a veterinary surgeon, farmer, veterinary assistant or nurse, the Photizo® Veterinary (641) can help you heal your patients in shorter periods of time. Use post-operatively, following trauma, on seromas, hematomas, hyaloma, and infected wounds.

For treating larger areas a high-power 1 200 mW probe is available as an accessory for this unit.

These treatment protocols are available on the Photizo® Veterinary unit:

  • 0-21 day wound
  • 21+ day wound
  • Seroma hematoma
  • Tissue trauma
  • Abscess
  • Osteo

This product comes with a two-year carry-in warranty from the date of purchase, provided original proof of purchase is presented.


Coverage Area150mW (1.2cm2)

1200mW (16cm2)

Wavelengths150mW (red – 634nm)

1200mW (red – 625nm, infrared – 850nm)

Download instructions for use

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