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I’ve started using the Photizo 3 months ago after I received it as a gift from my daughter. I’m suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, and my hands are deformed with my fingers stiff and painful, to such an extent that I could not close my hands. After a few Photizo treatments, I could bend my fingers again and can use my hands without pain.

My husband suffered from imbalance and ringing in his ear and after a few treatments, the ringing and balance problems were gone. His one hand’s fingers could not bend because it had a trigger action, and the Photizo also helped. The fingers are functioning just fine now. In 2003 my husband also had a knee replacement, and in the near past, he suffered from pain on the side of his knee. He also treated the knee with the Photizo and the pain is gone.

I want to express my deepest appreciation and thanks for this wonderful Photizo.

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