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I am a trained nurse and started using the Photizo® Light Therapy device in 2006.

Here are a few examples of great results with the Photizo:

  • I used it in wound care and had wonderful results. Wounds heal much faster than without the light
  • A vascular chronic wound improved within four treatments
    A woman that fell had extensive bruising on her face, and it cleared within a week of treatment
  • A child with staphylococcus infection on her buttocks – antibiotic treatment as well as four treatments with light – infection completely gone
  • An older woman with vertigo improved within a week of treatment and could drive her car again
  • A woman in her late fifties had to have orthopaedic surgery on her hand. Light treatment was given before the operation and immediately after her discharge. She had to go back a week after the operation for X-rays to see if the operation was successful. Treatment was given daily in that week before she went to the doctor. The X-rays already showed bone formation, something that normally starts later on
  • A teenager severely sprained her ankle in netball and Photizo treatment was given daily for a week and then three times a week for the next week. She recovered so well that she could participate in netball again before the end of the season, something that nobody had foreseen
  • A girl who had an appendectomy got an infection in the abdominal wound, and healing was slow. Photizo Light treatment was given and 19 days later she was healed

I want the Photizo light wherever I go! It works for almost any injury you could think of – small household burns, cuts, insect bites and bruises. The sooner you give light when a problem starts, the sooner the recovery.

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