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Marethe Grobler

I regularly complain about an ongoing neck/shoulder spasm which I’ve had for years now. Hours of editing and turning the camera into portrait mode definitely has an effect on the area. I have spent thousands of Rands on physiotherapists, chiropractors, massages, painkillers etc. 

I have found a solution that I can use in the comfort of my own home and would like to recommend Photizo Light Therapy for pain relief – it really works. It is a once-off investment and they have different units available, even one for Skin Care, Vetcare and Sport! 

Thank you Riaan Malan for great service 😊. Now I can look sideways 😉

Lindsey Lester

I’m over the moon with the unit, my knee is back to normal size and has hardly had to take anti-inflammatory medicine. Thank you SO much! Normally recovery time is up to a month.

Larette Roesch Massage Therapist

I am a Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology therapist and am currently using the Photizo® in my practice. The results of the Photizo® treatments I’m experiencing are amazingly effective and fast. Photizo® enables me to obtain superior results not previously possible.

Some of the results that the Photizo® enabled me to obtain in my patients are as follows:


  • 2 sessions of treating an infected burn wound (gas burner), the infection cleared, and the wound is progressing fast, towards total healing
  • 1 session of treating stomach pain, caused by stress, the pain was gone
    1 session of treating a blocked sinus problem, the patient experienced relief
  • 3 sessions treating the pain of arthritic fingers, the patient felt better and she was able to move her fingers without pain
  • 1 session of treating gout in a patient’s knee, the swelling subsided, and it was less painful. – 1 session of treating a small burn on a finger (caused by a hot plate) it healed within 24hours
  • 1 session of treating a small child’s headache the pain disappeared
  • 1 session of treating a patient’s injured shoulder, the shoulder improved dramatically

Kotie Nel Physiotherapist

I’ve been using the Photizo light for the past 8 years, with great results, personally and professionally. We used it on patients after they had an operation. Their pain was considerably less and their wounds healed faster than with patients that didn’t use it. Recently my cat had an abscess in the face and within a day the light made the abscess drain, and healed it within 5 days to a dry scab. I would recommend the Photizo light to anyone.

Jaco Taute (Lions rugby player)

I injured my ankle in the first 20 minutes of the game. I felt slight pain while running especially straight after I sustained the injury.

Ankle injury:

  • Grade 2 deltoid ligament tear
  • Grade 1 anterior fibular ligament tear

Sustained 2012/02/13

Re-entry into contact sport 2012/02/25.

During half time our team physio re -strapped my ankle and I was able to finish the game. I started applying ice directly after the game to try and stop swelling but the next morning my ankle was severely swollen. Our team physio treated my ankle and I received platelet injections straight into my deltoid ligament.

That same afternoon I started to treat my ankle with the Photizo® Sport light therapy. It was very easy and portable so I could do it any time in the comfort of my own home. In conjunction with the hyperbaric chamber and icing, I aimed to use the Photizo Sport light therapy every two hours. The swelling went down within one day and I was able to start running at full speed on the 20 February 2012.

In total, I went for 10 hyperbaric chamber sessions and used the Photizo® Sport light therapy approximately 40 times before our game on the 25 February against the Toyota Cheetahs.

The Photizo is a wonderful product, it is extremely easy to use, is portable and works very well if combined with other forms of treatment. Thank you for getting me back on the playing field in no time!

Hannes Venter

My name is Hannes Venter, and I am 45 years old. I am an enthusiastic road running athlete. During February 2008, I developed an injury, in my right foot, called plantar fasciitis. This injury caused me to experience severe pain and forced me to stop running, and I even battled to walk without pain, especially after a night’s rest. I was desperate, and quite discouraged. I had tried several cures such as anti-inflammatory tablets and other treatments. Nothing cleared the condition. Some people suggested surgery, and I contemplated giving up my favorite sport: running! A friend referred me to Dr. Maaki Ramagole, of the High Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria, for treatment. Dr Ramagole advised me of the brilliant results she had already obtained with the Photizo® Light Therapy device, and suggested this treatment. I was amazed. After 4 treatments I already experienced pain relief and after 9 treatments I returned to my training schedule, without any pain whatsoever! I’m thankful that my injury is something of the past, and that I did not need harmful drugs or even surgery! All credit to the Photizo® Light Therapy Device!

Impact Plus Trading 133cc
082 516 3251

Femke Moodie Physiotherapist

I have been a physiotherapist for the last 10 years. I have been using Photizo for the last five years in my practice and replaced all my lasers with Photizo.

We are three physiotherapists in our practice and we all prefer the Photizo, for the results achieved are just so much better.

I was amazed at its wound healing properties. We treat caesarean and laparotomy wounds in hospitals, and also treat cracked nipples for all the breastfeeding mommies. If we compare the healing process with the normal laser used in our practice for the first five years, to the healing process in the last five years with Photizo, we see a much quicker healing process.

Patients feel an immediate effect on pain and 24 hours later we can already see new tissue being formed. A normal laser also does this but the difference is that laser is very concentrated per dosage per area being treated. The time taken to give an effective dosage is much longer with a laser. The Photizo Light Therapy Device makes it easy to treat large areas for its probes are bigger and the dosage per treatment is spread over a wide area. There are also fewer contra-indications to the use of Photizo which makes it easy to treat more patients.

The elasticity of the connective tissue is really good and patients form much less scar tissue. With patients being treated for caesarean wounds, with their first babies, we used normal laser and the second time around we used Photizo. The results on reduced pain, reduced scar tissue forming and improved elasticity was really much better. The patients also noticed a difference.

We also use Photizo for sinus treatments. It clears the inflammation in the sinuses and helps with sinus headaches. It is very comfortable to treat baby’s sinuses, as they move a lot during treatment. The probe has a soft attachment which makes it easy to control the probe and baby without hurting the baby.

Light therapy isn’t a painful modality and again the area being treated and penetration into the treatment area is very good. We have also seen great results on sports injuries and neck and back conditions. I also use our Photizo to treat headaches and any joint injury or condition.

I would really recommend the use of Photizo Light Therapy. It just makes treatment so much more effective and our results is just so much better.

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