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I was used to high tech dressings and was sceptical to use light therapy for my patients.

It took me a while before I was convinced to try the Photizo® device. The first patient I treated did not seem to heal markedly quicker, but told me that she could once again sleep at night since the usual pain was gone for hours after the light therapy session.

The next patient (a diabetic with a chronic foot ulcer) did, however, heal in seven days. The patient’s doctor and I were astonished, as this patient had been treated for seven months using high-tech dressings, without clear signs of healing. For the past three months I have thus been using the Photizo® device to heal all the difficult to heal wounds, with great patient satisfaction.

”  –  Dr. Jan Vandeputte


“By the second time I used the Light, I could do weights again. I would recommend the Photizo Light for pain relief.”  – Andre Nel

A better life with light

Light (photon) therapy has been documented in medical literature as early as 1500BC, but it was the 1903 Nobel Prizewinner – Danish physician Nils Finsen – who is believed to be the father of phototherapy. Since then, phototherapy has been used as a treatment for many different diseases ranging from acne, vitiligo, jaundice in babies, and wound healing to rheumatoid arthritis.

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