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Arthritis in Canines

Arthritis in canines

Arthritis could refer to:

  • Osteoarthritis which is joint degeneration caused by wear and tear or
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, a systemic disease that damages the capsule and bone in joints.

Both forms of Arthritis cause extreme pain and inflammation in joints and can damage joint surfaces. This joint damage causes further pain, inflammation and in the long term, bone deformities.

The telltale sign of arthritis in older dogs is a reluctance to move about. As your dog’s joints age, it will become more reluctant to run or play for long periods. It won’t jump up and down stairs like it used to and, on rising in the morning, it may be stiff and even limping. These changes almost always progress very gradually. It is easy to ignore or not notice them at first. Slowing down isn’t only related to your pet’s joints.

Large dogs, the ones that usually develop arthritis earlier, were bred to be very pain-resistant and stoic. So they won’t let you know that they are in pain until their arthritis problem is quite advanced.

As pets guard their sore joints, muscles and ligaments contract, decreasing the joint’s range of motion. You may notice that your pet no longer jumps up on sofas and chairs as it once did. One common symptom of age-related arthritis is that joints tend to be stiffer and more painful after periods of rest and that pain tends to work out during the day. By evening, your pet may be its old self again.

Arthritis problems tend to be worse in overweight pets. Some of their panting after a long walk can be due to arthritis pain and not just the overheating and out-of-shape problems that obesity produce. Cold days and dampness tend to make the problem worse as well.

Photizo treatment will naturally reduce swelling and inflammation, relieve pain within minutes and last for up to six hours.

Photizo stimulates the body’s own pain medication secretion (endorphins and serotonin) and reduces the irritability and conduction speed of the pain nerves. It also effectively relieves the inflammatory process and swelling that causes pressure on the pain conducting nerves that trigger the pain. Muscle spasms that accompany pain, can also be reduced with Photizo treatment, ensuring more joint mobility and flexibility.

Photizo stimulates the energy production inside the cell to cause the cell to function at optimum levels, upholding optimum cartilage and bone cell functioning, slowing down the degeneration. When treating regularly, this will slow down the degeneration.

Photizo treatment is effective, natural, and safe (with no side effects or contra indications) to treat all the symptoms of arthritis. Photizo is easy to use, works of battery or mains power and is the most precious gift for your arthritic pet.



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