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Laminitis is a major vascular crisis that results in inflammation and weakening of the laminal structures and bonds within the horse’s hoof. The damage to the hoof tissue could be severe and may cause rotation and sinking of the pedal bone.

The following symptoms may indicate the presence of laminitis:

  • Difficulty in walking and turning
  • Standing awkwardly with more weight on hind legs, whilst shifting weight from one foot to another
  • Hooves may feel warm to touch with increased digital artery pulse rate
  • Depression at coronary band.

On the bottom of the hoof, when treating ailments such as laminitis, infrared lights help decrease inflammation and bruising, while increasing the blood supply, which in turn stimulates circulation for assistance with healing. Infrared light promotes collagen production, and because it is the essential protein for the repair of damaged tissue, healing occurs more quickly.

Infrared light penetrates into bone and muscle. It has been shown to double the vessel diameter in the lymph system; therefore, the swelling or oedema that can occur, along with bruising, is more quickly eliminated from the body. ATP carries energy to cells and creates the chemical firing that occurs between cells. Infrared light increases the adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This helps to feed the cells and actively eliminates waste. Endorphins are activated so that pain is minimised, and RNA and DNA synthesis increases, so consequently damaged cells are replaced more quickly.

So for just a few minutes every day, laminitis or any other type of hoof issue can be resolved. Don’t worry about adverse side effects. It has been proven that the cells of the body accept only the amount of energy needed to heal. The body will therefore absorb the only amount of light it requires.


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