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Muscle Pain in Equines

Muscle pain in equines

Muscular aches, pains and stiffness impact on a horse’s performance and his attitude. Caught early, they can be managed effectively. If undetected, muscle pain robs your horse of comfortable, free movement.

Muscle pain is a form of lameness, a problem that influences how the horse moves. A localised serious injury is fairly easy to detect if you look for it. The damaged muscle feels hard and is tender to touch. When you examine the area, the horse will flinch and try to move away from you. The muscle may twitch. Depending on the location, there may be an obvious lameness.

Muscle pain may be more difficult to recognise in the horse that is exhibiting overall soreness from exercising longer or harder than he should have for the level of conditioning. The horse may be somewhat depressed, may be a little off feed, and may resent grooming, touch and saddling. Movement is stiff and stride length may be shortened. Instead of the gentle, rhythmic sway when riding, you’ll feel a bit like the saddle is sitting on a fence line.



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