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Light Therapy Explained

What Is Light Therapy

Light Therapy works by energizing compromised cells and increasing blood flow using LED light
of a highly beneficial wavelength. In this way, the process of cell death is reversed, leading to quicker healing and recovery following injury.

This process has been optimized with the patented Photizo® light therapy device and numerous conditions are treatable at the push of a single button.
Photizo® is safe and easy to use by people of all ages.

During tissue damage, cellular integrity and function is compromised. Without a means to quickly and effectively reverse such damage on a cellular level, damaged cells will die (i.e. undergo necrosis).

A major drawback of almost all other light therapy units currently available, whether laser or LED-based, is that they are large, expensive, fragile, and very complex to use. Accordingly, only skilled clinicians and specialists can use such devices and obtain successful results in clinical settings only. Some light therapy units currently available produce light having a wide range of non-beneficial wavelengths (from 440 nm to 3500 nm), which impairs their efficacy due to the fact that the truly beneficial wavelengths make up a very small proportion of the total light emitted. Photizo® only produces light of the most beneficial wavelength, hence the shorter treatment times experienced by our users. Some of the protocols take only a minute to administer, once a day, with healing results seen within a day or two. This is not the case with other light therapy units, where healing is a slow process taking weeks or months. In addition, most currently available units have low power 10 to 40 milliwatt light diodes, while Photizo® has a 150mW diode. In certain applications, such as in a hospital or clinical setting, a 1200mW probe is available as an accessory to treat larger affected areas at a time. The use of such high power probes means that less treatment time is required to ensure the same efficacy.

There is, however, a limit to the amount of light therapy that can be administered in a treatment regimen before healing or tissue repair and Photizo® provides optimal application of light therapy in each protocol for each wound type, for safe treatment once a day.

Photizo® has been designed around the needs and feedback of our clients, who told us they needed a small, portable, easy to understand and simple to use light therapy unit, with a high power diode for quick and simple treatments. Accordingly, Photizo® has been designed with the professional and the layman in mind, and is easy enough for the whole family, even children, to use.

Photizo® incorporates built-in treatment protocols for some of the most common conditions which have been proven to be treatable by light therapy in the fields of cosmetics, healing and wound treatment. All the parameters necessary to treat, for example a wound, have been incorporated in a single protocol button for such condition – merely by pressing the appropriate button, the whole protocol is run to treat the appropriate condition, taking a minute or two per application per day. This is a major advance over other systems which are currently available, as the device can be operated intuitively by unsophisticated users with a minimum of training. This allows clinicians and physiotherapists to quickly yet safely treat their patients before tissue decay sets in, while the layman and even children can treat themselves safely on a non-invasive basis. With no moving parts, Photizo® is and remains the leader in reliability and performance. Photizo® has worldwide patent applications to stop cheap imitations from causing damage to our customers and their patients.

Photizo® makes use of a near-coherent light beam produced by a high intensity LED array. The probe is robust enough to survive most conditions, while the operational unit has been designed to be resistant to accidental spills. This device has been designed to withstand conditions in rural areas, and is a major distinguishing factor between Photizo® and other light therapy devices, which tend to be fragile and break easily. In addition, the Photizo® device is assembled on an ISO 9000 assembly line and has extensive product back-up and warranty maintenance. While most other light therapy devices have light sources, which only last for 500 to 1000 hours, the

Photizo® diode can perform for up to 50,000 hours without a significant loss of output.

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