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I am a professional singer. For many years now I have struggled with hoarseness following performances.

I have been to several ear, nose and throat specialists, who have informed me that I overexert my vocal cords. My vocal cords are usually severely swollen following performances, and most doctors advise me to rest my voice between performances – this was all they could do for me.

This was gravely detrimental to my singing career, as I could perform no more than twice a week. It was only quite recently that I heard about the Photizo® light therapy device and I was desperate for something to make the swelling subside. The results were amazing. I use the Photizo unit before and after performances, and I have no difficulty in staging four appearances a week now.

Photizo has greatly helped with getting the swelling down and I recuperate much faster. I have also found Photizo to be very helpful in treating other minor injuries that I or my crew sustain. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Photizo device for use in treating whichever injuries you may have.

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