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Choose to be healthy, pain-free and better! Today I want to praise Photizo for changing my life, to be pain-free, healthy & being better to live life to the fullest!

My story:

I had a few ailments, one, a very bad knee, very painful and filled with inflammation. After an appointment and one treatment at my local Physiotherapist, seeing such great results, I decided to invest in my own ‘physio’ at home, the Photizo Pain Relief home device.

Riaan from Photizo gave me a call and gave me some good advice and info regarding the Photizo, which helped a lot and after a few e-mails with more info on ‘how to use’ instructions etc. I ordered the Pain Relief.

Service was excellent and delivery was fast!

After using the Photizo Pain Relief every day for 4 days continuously, I could feel the extraordinary difference and relief. Each day I had more use of my knee again. Like they say ‘the proof is in the pudding'(red/infrared light therapy).

I use my Pain Relief for anti-aging benefits too, wrinkles etc and I can see a huge difference! It’s my treat every day to be pampered and having benefits at home.

Thnx Riaan & Photizo for your kindness, friendly assistance, helping me to be better and healthy and happy again.


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