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Red Light Therapy Podcast


Anna Webb tells the story of how Sherry introduced her to Photizo. Anna Webb uses red light therapy to help keep her animals – dogs and cats – as healthy and happy as possible. In this interview, she talks about how she has learned to treat her companion animals and the role Photizo plays in that.



Yasmin Porritt is passionate about helping owners keep their animals healthy. Originally inspired by her Beagle, Snoopy, she wants us to talk about pet health, and do our best for the animals in our care. In this podcast, Yasmin from Yorkshire Pooches Therapies explains how she utilises the Photizo as a professional therapist.



Ruth Milner explains how red light therapy can be used to help injuries or surgeries heal quicker, and to keep canine athletes in tip-top condition. In this interview, Ruth Milner explains how red light therapy could help your dog – and how Photizo can enable you to provide those benefits at home.


The photograph on the left shows my scar 2 weeks post-op when staples came out. The photograph on the right shows my scar 6 weeks post-op. I was not allowed to use any motions or potions until the surgeon gave the go-ahead at check-up. So, by only using my Photizo Sport it helped with my scar and swelling went down in just a few days, and no bruising given that I bruise very easily. It even helped with the allergic reaction I had from the plaster which was sorted out in about 3 days. The results were absolutely amazing.


I decided to try the Photizo Blush for the fine lines and dark circles around my eyes. At that time I was also bitten by some type of insect or spider on the tip of my nose. This left me with a bad sore and afterwards with a horrible red mark. I used the Photizo Blush every night and after two weeks the red spot on my nose was almost unnoticeable. After 8 weeks it was completely gone. Thanks to the Photizo Blush! It is a very easy and fast treatment that only takes less than 5 minutes at a time.

Pain Relief

I took a hard fall from my horse and bruised my ribs and hip area. The bruising was quite deep in my hip area. The doctor said it would take 4 to 6 weeks for my ribs to heal. But thanks to my Photizo Pain Relief I was back at Pilates and on my horse within two weeks. I have very little pain in both areas and I put it down to using my Photizo Pain Relief as recommended by the user guide. I would definitely recommend Photizo.


Ek was opgewonde tog skepties om die Photizo produk te gebruik aangesien daar so baie soortgelyke tipe produkte is. Tog wou ek dit n billike kans gee aangesien ek gesien het terwyl my niggie dit gebruik dat dit baie gebruikersvriendelik is. Na 2 weke se gebruik kon ek agterkom dat my vel se tekstuur verander het. Na 6 weke is dit asof my pigmentasie versag het. Die pofferigheid onder my oë is selfs minder geswel. Ek sal defnitief aanhou om die produk te gebruik. Ek voel baie tevrede.


I am a qualified physiotherapist who has been in practice for 17 years. One of my fields of interest during these years was women’s health. I worked in a hospital environment together with gynaecologists and also with various pre- and postnatal maternity groups. I also treated many patients in my private practice throughout the years.

I often gave talks on breastfeeding, breastfeeding complications and wound care. Photizo Light Therapy has replaced all other equipment I used previously to treat cracked nipples and assist with wound healing in my practice.

Cracked nipples is a condition that occurs during breastfeeding due to the mechanical wear and tear that occurs during the strong suctioning of the baby and different ways of latching during breastfeeding. One of Photizo Light‘s benefits is wound healing and because of this, I saw great results treating cracked nipples and Caesarean sections post-operatively.

The Photizo Light will not only promote quicker healing and repair of tissue that has formed micro-tears due to the frequent wear and tear of breastfeeding, but it will also promote the healing process of a caesarean cut. Because Photizo Light enhances blood circulation it carries more oxygen to the affected tissue and the oxygen assists in the healing process of scars. Cell repair and regeneration happens.

Photizo Light is most effective when used on ‘fresh’ wounds, meaning wounds that are 1-6 week old. Wounds older than 6 weeks form more scarring that becomes difficult for the light to break down. Although results have been seen on older scars, it is advised to use Photizo as early as possible while the scar is busy forming and not yet fully formed because then the light can break down and re-align the fibrin and collagen threads that form scars and heal them properly while they form.

Due to this re-alignment of fibrin and collagen fibres in scar tissue, the wound tissue also becomes more elastic and movement of the scar and surrounding muscles is improved. Therefore patients tend not to experience any pulling sensation on their scars post-operatively during daily activities like going to the gym etc.

When one looks at a scar it is always made up of very strong connective tissue. The fibrin threads of scars crisscross to make the scar very strong, but this is inclined to produce a raised effect which is cosmetically not desirable. Photizo Light realigns these connective tissue threads and the result is that the wound remains strong but cosmetically appears much better than it would have.

Some people tend to form keloid scarring. This scarring is very difficult to treat due to the genetic component. I have treated many patients in my practice with keloid scarring and the results will never be the same as someone who is not prone to keloid scars. Having said this though, there have still been slight improvements and most keloid patients were happy with even a 50% improvement.

I use the Photizo Physiotherapy device aimed at professionals and which is used in many physiotherapy practices. Similarly, the personal use units make it easy for self-treatment in the comfort of your own home. It is easy to use and very safe to use. The benefit of daily treatments also enhances the healing process of cracked nipples and Caesarean wounds. This will make the whole process of breastfeeding much more comfortable and pain-free. Cracked nipples are very painful and negatively affect the breastfeeding process for any mommy who would love to breastfeed. Photizo helps with this and it also helps with the healing of the caesarean cut, the elasticity of the wound and the cosmetic appearance of the wound.

The good news is Photizo Light is very safe and cannot cause any harm. It benefits most conditions and achieves wonderful results and produces happy patients!

Femke Moodie Physiotherapist

(Registered at HPCSA)

Pr No. 072 000 0093645



This has been a great tool both for us and the furry patients I work with as a canine massage therapist. The best part is while some light therapy devices require several minutes per treatment area this one just takes a minute so I can easily work various areas and not have issues with patients wanting to move.

Read more:


We purchased this to help our dog that is suffering from muscular/joint problems. Before I purchased this it was costing me £35 for each vet visit for them to apply a similar treatment, and most of the time my dog could not settle comfortably at the vets during the treatment, so after extensive research, we decided to go for this.

It has made a great difference to our dog, I believe it has helped in prolonging his ability to be mobile and the treatment is applied in the comfort of our home. We have started using this with our cat that has hip problems too and a short while after treatment she acts like a different cat, wanting to play and run around.

However, if you think your dog would benefit from this type of treatment consult with your vet before you decide to purchase this type of device.

Read more:


I regularly complain about an ongoing neck/shoulder spasm which I’ve had for years now. Hours of editing and turning the camera into portrait mode definitely has an effect on the area. I have spent thousands of Rands on physiotherapists, chiropractors, massages, painkillers etc. 

I have found a solution that I can use in the comfort of my own home and would like to recommend Photizo Light Therapy for pain relief – it really works. It is a once-off investment and they have different units available, even one for Skin Care, Vetcare and Sport! 

Thank you Riaan Malan for great service 😊. Now I can look sideways 😉

Pain Relief

Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerating disc in my lumbar spine, the result of an old injury. Yoga helped a lot to strengthen my back muscles and combat pain, but I still experienced some back pain and discomfort from time to time. I have been using the Photizo Pain Relief device on this area for less than a week now, and after a few days of use, have not had any lower back pain. It almost feels too good to be true, but indeed, this has been my experience. I will recommend Photizo to anyone needing relief from chronic pain.


I was very sceptical about the Photizo Blush but decided to use it every day for 12 weeks. After two weeks I could see a difference in my skin texture and the wrinkles around my eyes also softened and my pigmentation was lighter. I had some toothache during the time I used it for my skin, and it assisted with the pain as well.



Johannesburg-based commercial model and health & fitness trainer – Britt Dercksen – recently gave birth to her first child and has been using the Photizo Skincare unit to assist in the reduction of pregnancy stretch marks and in the healing of her caesarian scar.

“I previously owned a Photizo Skincare unit but in the move to a new house, it was misplaced. I was devastated, to say the least. I was thrilled when the unit’s manufacturers provide me with a new Photizo Skincare unit to use on my post-pregnancy body,” says Britt.

Following a nightly regime of treating her ‘problem’ areas just two weeks after giving birth, Britt says that she would recommend the unit for any new mothers with C-section scars or stretch marks, or in fact anyone with pigmentation problems.

“Photizo Skincare – what would I do without you? The unit has helped me immensely with the healing process of my C-section scar, has reduced my pain levels and has drastically reduced my pigmentation. My skin is more radiant than ever. The Photizo Skincare is extremely user-friendly, easy to understand and very practical. A great asset in my beauty arsenal!”


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