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Red Light Therapy Podcast

Anna Webb tells the story of how Sherry introduced her to Photizo. Anna Webb uses red light therapy to help keep her animals – dogs and cats – as healthy and happy as possible. In this interview, she talks about how she has learned to treat her companion animals and the role Photizo plays in that.


Yasmin Porritt is passionate about helping owners keep their animals healthy. Originally inspired by her Beagle, Snoopy, she wants us to talk about pet health, and do our best for the animals in our care. In this podcast, Yasmin from Yorkshire Pooches Therapies explains how she utilises the Photizo as a professional therapist.



Ruth Milner explains how red light therapy can be used to help injuries or surgeries heal quicker, and to keep canine athletes in tip-top condition. In this interview, Ruth Milner explains how red light therapy could help your dog – and how Photizo can enable you to provide those benefits at home.


This has been a great tool both for us and the furry patients I work with as a canine massage therapist. The best part is while some light therapy devices require several minutes per treatment area this one just takes a minute so I can easily work various areas and not have issues with patients wanting to move.

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We purchased this to help our dog that is suffering from muscular/joint problems. Before I purchased this it was costing me £35 for each vet visit for them to apply a similar treatment, and most of the time my dog could not settle comfortably at the vets during the treatment, so after extensive research, we decided to go for this.

It has made a great difference to our dog, I believe it has helped in prolonging his ability to be mobile and the treatment is applied in the comfort of our home. We have started using this with our cat that has hip problems too and a short while after treatment she acts like a different cat, wanting to play and run around.

However, if you think your dog would benefit from this type of treatment consult with your vet before you decide to purchase this type of device.

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Anja was diagnosed with hip dysplasia (HD) when she was 3 years old. She went to the vet and, a year later, to a specialist vet when it seemed like she was having more difficulty with her movement. He said that Anja is like a person with arthritis. When she gets up she is very sore and stiff, but after she has walked a few steps, she gets better. He said there is no need right now to keep her on medication or look at any operations. The pain is not there all the time, only when she gets up from a down position and initially when she starts walking, and only at night.

She gets a joint supplement and is on veterinary joint food, which definitely makes a difference. Anja is mostly sore in the evenings and is usually more sore after she’s been running around a lot, like after we’ve been to a park. In the winter she was worse.

I started using the Photizo on Anja every day. I treated her on both her left and right sides, from the spine down on each side. I treated her hindquarters. After about a week I could see a difference. She could get up quicker and more easily. She was also limping less and loosened up quicker when she started walking after she got up.

I did get a bit lazy and after about 2 weeks of treatment, I stopped for a bit. I could then see her getting sorer again – getting up slower. That also showed me that the Photizo definitely made a difference. I then started treating her again.


My dog had puppies, and she developed mastitis with abscesses, and could not feed all her pups. I’m using a Photizo at home for my family, and decided, if it works so well for all ailments, it will also help my dog. I’ve treated her twice daily for 3 days, and although the condition cleared by the third day, I’ve proceeded to treat her once daily for the next 2 days. It was amazing. I did not even have to take my dog to the vet.

I’m using the Photizo on my arthritic knee, and it definitely helps for the pain. My 2 sons also use the Photizo for pimples, and their skin looks great.


The Photizo I used on my English Bull Terrier did wonders for his skin rash. He has a bad medical condition where his skin on his belly and under his legs would flare up and itch uncontrollably. After using the Photoizo I saw an immediate difference. After just a few days the rash had completely cleared up and hasn’t returned. It was the only thing that really helped, and I can tell you I tried everything. Thank you very much for an awesome product!


The horses already had their first treatments and they love the hands-on care. A Bemer is so impersonal! They just stand there and graze while the treatment takes place. With the Photizo they get the treatment and human interaction at least.

Pain Relief

I’ve been using the Photizo light for the past 8 years, with great results, personally and professionally. We used it on patients after they had an operation. Their pain was considerably less and their wounds healed faster than with patients that didn’t use it. Recently my cat had an abscess in the face and within a day the light made the abscess drain, and healed it within 5 days to a dry scab. I would recommend the Photizo light to anyone.

Jenny Woodcock

I’ve owned my 22 year old mare, Lace, since 1997 and have had many problems keeping her sound due to a pre-existing injury. After many years of trying everything on the market I decided to hire the Photizo unit. It really is a miracle machine. After only a weeks use the trauma tissue has virtually gone. I also use it myself as I have osteoarthritis and we are both now out and about winning shows, pain free and very happy.

Eone Odile Harington

I brought Gabriel (domestic shorthair cat) to Mayville Animal Clinic in December 2001, when she was diagnosed with Snuffles. We tried every anti-biotic available but Gabriel was never cured. After ten sessions of 15 minutes each (5 consecutive days respectively each time for 15 minutes) with the Photizo Light Therapy device the condition has dramatically improved. For the first time, since December 2001, Gabriel’s nasal passages have been free of mucous. She breathed freely. I would highly recommend the use of the Photizo machine, it has had miraculous results with a chronic disease that could not be healed through more conventional methods

Dr. Berol Goede (Veterinarian) Perth, Australia

The Photizo has been such a wonderful addition to our Veterinary clinic. We have used it to treat various kinds of wounds, bruises, surgical areas, and ailments and have seen many of our patients often heal within a shorter amount of time than initially anticipated.

The treatment is safe and user-friendly and our patients enjoy being treated. Now we can offer our patients and clients a different non-invasive treatment modality that actually works, saves time and money and that helps our patients recover while alleviating pain and discomfort.

Dr Berol Goede (Veterinarian)

The South African Guide Dogs Association for the Blind

The South African Guide-Dogs Association for the blind uses the Photizo product on its dogs who have been spayed or castrated.

We also use it on some of our dogs who have had to undergo hip or elbow operations. We have found that Photizo® has helped with relieving the inflammation around the operated area as well as the helping the healing process.

We would recommend to everyone who has a pet with inflamed joints or recovering from an operation to use the Photizo.

We have had a huge success rate using the Photizo on our guide dogs pups in training.

Puppy Raising Supervisor


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