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Testimonials: Skin and Wounds

Kotie Nel ( -Photizo Physiotherapy)

Kotie Nel ( -Photizo Physiotherapy) I've been using the Photizo light for the past 8 years, with great results, personally and professionally. We used it on patients after they had an operation. Their pain was considerably less and their wounds healed faster than with...

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Larette Roesch

Larette Roesch "I am a Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology therapist and am currently using the Photizo® in my practice. The results of the Photizo® treatments I'm experiencing are amazingly effective and fast. The Photizo® enables me to obtain superior results not...

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Leandra Moolman ( -Sulè Beauty Essence cc)

Leandra Moolman ( -Sulè Beauty Essence cc) "As a Somatologist (Beauty Therapist) working with the Photizo for the past two months, I was impressed by its user friendliness, quick results, client satisfaction and cost efficiency. Our salon treatment quality has entered...

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Meryl "I am a quadriplegic and a nasty pressure sore developed in April 2005. My nurse tried all sorts of treatments, including putting me on a machine to try and close the wound. After several months, she recommended that I should see a Surgeon. As surgery is NOT an...

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Mr. Dat Brits ( -Centurion South Africa, 1 February 2006)

Mr. Dat Brits ( -Centurion South Africa, 1 February 2006) "My son was injured in an accident shortly before his wedding. He sustained several injuries and lacerations to his face, which include eyes which were swollen shut, most of his face was blue, his cheekbone was...

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Ms. Christa Taute ( -Pretoria South Africa, August 2006)

Ms. Christa Taute ( -Pretoria South Africa, August 2006) "The patient, Ms J.E. Taute, has been bedridden for the past four years. She has had a large pressure sore on her back for the past 8 months which was unresponsive to any treatments that were currently...

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