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Testimonials: Veterinary

George Smith

George Smith Here's a short (but nice) story:- I came across the Photizo when I was looking for a solution to my Border Collie's arthritis problems and decided to try it. It worked well on her front legs so I was pleased with it. In the meantime, my daughter, Carla,...

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Dr Berol Goede(Veterinarian) ( -Perth, Australia)

The Photizo has been such a wonderful addition to our Veterinary clinic. We have used it to treat various kinds of wounds, bruises, surgical areas and ailments and have seen many of our patients often heal within a shorter amount of time than initially anticipated....

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Eone Odile Harington

Eone Odile Harington "...I brought Gabriel (domestic shorthair cat) to Mayville Animal Clinic in December 2001, when she was diagnosed with Snuffles. We tried every anti-biotic available but Gabriel was never cured. After ten sessions of 15 minutes each (5 consecutive...

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Jenny Woodcock & Lace ( -Jenny Woodcock & Lace)

Jenny Woodcock & Lace ( -Jenny Woodcock & Lace) I've owned my 22 year old mare, Lace, since 1997 and have had many problems keeping her sound due to a pre-existing injury. After many years of trying everything on the market I decided to hire the Photizo unit. It...

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Louise Schaap ( -Photizo Vetcare)

Louise Schaap ( -Photizo Vetcare) The horses already had their first treatments and they love the hands on care. A Bemer is so impersonal! They just stand there and graze while the treatment takes place. With the Photizo they get the treatment and human interaction at...

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Roleen Scheepers ( -English Bull Terrier)

Roleen Scheepers ( -English Bull Terrier) The Photizo I used on my English Bull Terrier did wonders for his skin rash. He has a bad medical condition where his skin on his belly and under his legs would flare up and itch uncontrollably. After using the Photoizo I saw...

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Tina Brink ( -Photizo Skin Care)

Tina Brink ( -Photizo Skin Care) My dog had puppies, and she developed mastitis with abscesses, and could not feed all her pups. I'm using a Photizo at home for my family, and decided, if it works so well for all ailments, it will also help my dog. I've treated her...

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Vanessa Koekemoer ( -Golden Retriever(4 years))

Vanessa Koekemoer ( -Golden Retriever(4 years)) Anja was diagnosed with hip dysplasia (HD) when she was 3 years old. She went to the vet and, a year later, to a specialist vet when it seemed like she was having more difficulty with her movement. He said that Anja is...

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